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April is the month devoted to environment and its safety. While discussing about this topic our students once again had the opportunity to learn more from our guests. Mr Paul Saaranen, U.S. Embassy Management Officer, and Mr Almir Adrovic, an engineer visited our class. They discussed different types of energy that are or can be used in modern world, inspiring our students to think critically and search for new solutions.

During the first part of the workshop our guests had a Power Point presentation on the mentioned topic, answering students’ questions in the same time. Mr Saaranen emphasized the importance of clean energy resources and asked students questions in order to provoke their creativity and wit.

During the second part of the lesson Mr Paul gave our students different topics related to some environmental issues and both to their own attitude towards the future solutions. They worked in groups, while our guests spent an equal amount of time in each of the groups analazying the given topics together with the students.

At the end of the activity students shared the conclusions they came up with, based on the discussion with their guests and their previous knowledge on the topic.

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