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The project UciDoma!

English Language Teachers’ Association of Montenegro ELTAM took part in the project of the Ministry of Education Ucidoma!. Teachers both prepared and recorded the TV lessons to help Montenegrin students learn in the time of global pandemics.
All teachers showed great enthusiasm and creativity, team work and efficiency. They managed to implement innovative methods and tools and, in that way, increase students’ motivation for acquiring knowledge.
We are thankful to Bureau for Education Services for our fruitful and long-term cooperation as well as to the educational supervisors Ms. Rabija Sarkinovic, Ms. Fadila Kajevic and Ms. Vesna Babovic for their great support during the project.

Teachers Milka Cerovic, Zana Bulajic and Elida Crnovrsanin developed yearly plans for the first semester in accordance with the official program for English language. Plans are developed in cooperation with the educational supervisors Ms. Rabija Sarkinovic and Ms. Vesna Babovic.

The teachers who took part in this project are the following:
Ivana Dašić – elementary school “Niko Maraš” Podgorica, Kristina Šebek – elementary school “Aleksa Đilas Bećo” Mojkovac, Biljana Jović – elementary school “Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin” Podgorica, Dragana Sorat – elementary school “Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin”, Marija Bojić – elementary school “Oktoih“ Podgorica, Edita Ajdarpašić – kindergarten “Đina Vrbica”, Podgorica, Silvija Marniković – elementary school “Marko Nuculović“ Ulcinj, Marija Vukićević – elementary school “Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša“ Budva, Miloš Marović – elementary school “Vladimir Nazor” Podgorica, Milanka Asanović Ćupić – elementary school “Pavle Rovinski” Podgorica, Dragana Giljanović – elementary school “Marko Miljanov” Podgorica, Nataša Šovran, elementary school “Lovćenski partizanski odred“ Cetinje, Bojana Klačar, elementary school “Ristan Pavlović“ Pljevlja, Zorka Radonjić, elementary school “Kekec” Sutomore, Radmila Rakočević – elementary school “Vuk Karadžić” Podgorica, Aleksandra Prelević – elementary school “Oktoih“ Podgorica, Zorana Petričević – elementary school “Oktoih“ Podgorica, Dragana Radoman – elementary school “Milija Nikčević“ Nikšić, Ana Raičević – elementary school “Pavle Rovinski” Podgorica, Milena Danilović – elementary school “Radoje Čizmović“ Nikšić, Žana Bulajić – elementary school “Braća Ribar“ Nikšić, Elida Crnovršanin – elementary school “Vuk Karadžić“ Berane, Milka Cerović – elementary school “Jovan Draganić“ Nikšić, Gordana Milić – elementary school “Dušan Đukanović“ Nikšić, Natalija Savićević-Mrvaljević – elementary school “Bogdan Kotlica“ Šavnik, Tanja Đonlaga – elementary school “Olga Golović“ Nikšić, Vojo Mrvaljević – elementary school “Jagoš Kontić“ Nikšić, Nataša Bešović, Vlajko Glušica, Katarina Popović – Gymnasium “Slobodan Škerovic” Podgorica, Marija Lazarević – High school of economics “Mirko Vešović” Podgorica.

Thanks to the kindness and support of the U.S. Embassy in Podgorica and Pearson, symbolic gifts were provided for the teachers to appreciate their devotion and hard work.

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