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Access Niksic

Who are we?

The second class of Access Program in Niksic was a great opportunity for students to get to know each other more while participating in various activities and discussion with Fulbright scholar in Montenegro Ms Madeleine Lewis.

Students found out more about each other through warm up activity when each of them came up with a different adjective that describes their personalities. It was followed by Skit-tell us about yourself activity in which students were supposed to share some stories to their group members about themselves.

Students also discussed about Identities where they gave different insights into the roles they chose, their importance, paying particular attention to the discussion why certain identities may be more important than others and what it even means to form an identity with a certain group of people (who does that identity include/exclude and why). Ms Madeleine Lewis described and offered an insight to a story of the identity from the perspective of an American and she encouraged the students to discuss and answer the questions.

The part of the lesson was devoted to students’ creativity while they were working on their bio-poems which reflected specific details, memories and feelings of their lives. Once they finished writing poems, they were collected and re-distributed and students were supposed to look for a person the specific poem described. They finished the lesson by reading a poem they got and by revealing whose poem it was.

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