Access Rozaje

Access got talent!

One of the activities during the first day of Intensive sessions on February 16 was Access’ got a talent! show During Access’ got talent! show, students presented many of their talents and made a mini-documentary about them. Before the talent show students made posters with notes of positive encouragement for the talent show and their friends. Sign suggestions as “Great job!” “Awesome!” “You rock!” “Excellent performance!” “You’ve got talent!” were a great way besides praises to show their friends that both they and their talents are appreciated and supported. The talent show was not competitive, nor about winning or losing, but about presenting something they are proud of. They indeed gave their all to present their talents in the best possible way. They were dancing, singing, drawing and reading their poems. Happy and energized, they shared their thoughts on each other’s show and were happy to know that their friends support them and that those secret talents deserve to be presented, seen and developed.

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