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“Barbara Pramer” workshops

On October 10, 2018 Access Program students had an excellent opportunity to participate in “Barbara Pramer” workshop on the topic of democracy, active citizenship, elections and the Parliament. The final product of the workshop was students’ two-minute long radio show in which they explained what they did on the workshop.

This workshop was a great opportunity for students to gain understanding of parliamentary democracy. The Parliament of Montenegro passes laws that affect almost every aspect of daily life. Students observed certain principles and rules of democratic conduct. Every citizen needs to respect the rights of his or her fellow citizens, and their dignity as human beings. Civics and Citizenship Education helped students to see how important political and legal systems are to their everyday life. More than that, however, they developed the skills and ability to participate as informed, reflective and active citizens in a strong democracy. Our students developed attitudes and values supporting the democratic system and their involvement in it.

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