Access Niksic 2015

Celebrating Christmas in the U.S. with PAO Mark Weinberg

PAO from the U.S. Embassy in Montenegro Mark Weinberg participated in discussion with Access students about celebration of Christmas in the U.S.

After students have watched a video on the topic of Christmas from VOA website, Mark shared some of the U.S. Christmas traditions with students. They were eager to find out about similarities and differences of celebrating Christmas in the U.S. and in Montenegro. Through discussion they found out details on Christmas cookies, Christmas caroling, gift-giving, trimming the Christmas tree, the way it is celebrated in Mark’s family, compared Christmas spirit in both countries. They also explained Christmas tradition which is characteristic for Montenegro. Students who asked many questions got Christmas hats. At the end of the class Mark received a handmade Christmas ornament with students’ Christmas wishes.

It was very interesting and fun for students to speak with native speaker and practice English through conversation about holiday tradition.

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