Access Niksic 2015

Talking about Independence day and roasting marshmallows with Mr. Mark Weinberg, U.S. Embassy PAO

The purpose of this activity was to learn more about the celebration of Independence day in the U.S. from Mr. Weinberg’s personal experience, to reflect on the summer camp and to taste and learn how to roast marshmallows on the bonfire. First students presented the masks they made to Mr. Weinberg. The masks were designed on the previous class and they represent the combination of American and Montenegrin flags and cultures. Then Mr. Weinberg asked students about their camp activities and the things they learned. He spoke about his way of celebrating Independence Day and both about the way of celebrating it across the States. Students asked him several questions about Independence Day. Mr. Weinberg also explained the students the difference between patriotism and nationalism.

After talking about Independence Day, Mr. Weinberg taught the students how to roast marshmallows on bonfire and make delicious cookies. He brought the marshmallows and other necessary ingredients with him. Students enjoyed the activities and they were very successful in making marshmallows.

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