Access Niksic 2015

Visit to American Reading Room in Cetinje

During summer camp students visited American Reading Room in Cetinje where they expanded their knowledge about educational exchange program with the U.S. by listening to the presentation of Ms Milena Markovic, Flex alumna. They were active in asking her questions. They also compared the information they found out from Ms Markovic with the information they found out before from Ms Emina Mulic, Flex alumna, who was their guest when they learned about education in the U.S. They noticed the similarities and the differences.

During the second part of workshop students worked on comics and Access Hedbanz cards which they have been making gradually during their summer camp on Ivanova Korita. Comics are related to American revolution, Independence Day and Flag Day, the topics which they are learning about at the camp. Access Hedbanz are, as well as comics, the expected outcomes of their summer camp project. They are making these cards in a way that the characters on them represent the most important Americans they have learned about during their Access program so far. Some of these are Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Rose Parks. M.L.King, etc.

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