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In this online session, students had an opportunity to talk to Mr. Michael Murphey, Consular Officer at the U.S. Embassy Podgorica, about the ways Christmas is celebrated at his house and in America generally. They found out about the history and tradition of Christmas, talked about the ways of celebrating regarding decorations, celebrating inside or outside, music, festivals, food. They discussed Christmas values and religious aspect of Christmas.

The guest was more than willing to help students recognize the similarities and differences between celebrating Christmas in America and here. This discussion was further developed in four breakout rooms where the guest spent time with students, answering their questions and explaining different aspects of Christmas. Students presented their findings later on in the main session and agreed that there is a lot of differences in our ways of celebrating Christmas. Their opinion is that we emphasize more the tradition while Americans emphasize the spirit of Christmas as time of sharing, helping and being with families. Students enjoyed talking to Mr. Murphey and they showed both enthusiasm and interest. Mr. Murphey showed once again how great and an inspiring guest he is.

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