Access Rozaje

Community Service Learning activity “Let’s Make Rozaje More Beautiful”

During April, students talked about environmental issues. They suggested possible ways of contributing to their community and in the end, they decided to clean and decorate schoolyard of Secondary Vocational School in Rozaje. They made this decision because they wanted to show their gratitude to the school for giving their premises for the purposes of Access classes.

Students demonstrated their commitment to creating a healthy and sustainable world.  They picked up litter, painted school benches and fence in front of the school, and also planted 20 seedlings in a schoolyard. Participating in this community service activity developed teamwork and students’ cooperative skills, too. They also realized that it is important to decrease the amount of waste we produce and take care about our environment and our planet, as it is our home, and also enforced lessons they learned about environment.

Eventhough it was hot, and job was not easy at all, students wanted to stay and finish it. Despite the fact that it was originally planned that this service lasts for two and a half hours, they were working for five hours until they finished the task.

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