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Education is the most powerful weapon

On Tuesday, May 16th, our class visited Jen MacArthur from the Regional English Language Office, Jelena Vojnic from the U.S. Embassy- Public Affairs Office and Dragana Radoman – Access Program coordinator. The topic of the lesson was education and students were previously well informed about it so they were creative enough to create amazing short presentations based on the task “I’d like my school to be…” They prepared a comedy play about a typical day at school, a song and they draw an actual plan how school should look like. They also presented the importance of the community service in schools and how curriculum should be prepared. Our guests participated as well by giving some advice to students how to organize the presentation and what to include in it. The lesson finished with “Is it really true that…” questions where students had the opportunity to ask our guest, Jen, everything they want about the educational system in the USA.


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