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Access Niksic

Former Access students helping current Access students with portfolios

On April 15, 2019 students had a chance to meet two former Access students Milena Bojanic and Emir Fatic who were eager to share their Access experience with them. Through discussion about Access program and the opportunities it offers, students were very enthusiastic to talk to the guests and ask questions they were interested in. Access students were inte

rested in hearing more about the previous Access group and the way their lessons were organized.

One of the things they have learned during the conversation is that special attention should be paid to creating properly and well-designed student portfolios. Well-arranged student portfolios are a compilation of academic work and educational evidence whose aim is to evaluate the learning process, course quality and to determine if students have met learning standards. Our former Access students, Milena and Emir, brought their portfolios which still represent a lasting archive of their Access academic work. While presenting their portfolios, they also gave meaningful insights and tips which students should follow in order to create proper portfolios which will be useful in the future. Access students learned how to organize, select and order the materials for the portfolios and all of it was done in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere followed by eating sweets and candies that former Access students brought for their peers.

During the last part of the lesson, students were arranging portfolios while following our guests’ advice and they were given a special handout made by our guest, which they put in their portfolios. Through the Human Bingo handout, students answered some questions regarding themselves and their peers. Some of the questions were:

What is your favorite quote?

What is your favorite book?

Find someone in your class who likes LEGO.

Find someone who likes Stars Wars.

Find someone who can whistle.

Students finished working on their portfolios and the overall impression is that they were very interested in discussion with former Access students and more importantly, learning from them.


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