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Innovate your dreams 2019 – Task 6: 3 E’s (Enough Energy for Everyone)

By working on the sixth Innovate Your Dreams 2019 task Access Niksic students had a great opportunity to reflect on another topic that is crucial for their future, renewable energy sources. They were very enthusiastic to share their opinions about renewable energy usage in our country and the USA. Students were especially interested in developing their own projects. One group of students made a model of solar oven, listing the advantages of using the energy of the Sun and possible implementation of similar projects in their environment. The next group designed a facility which would produce energy from biomass in their country, considering all sides of this project: where can it be built, how would it be financed, how many people would it employ, what materials would they need to make it, etc. One of the groups designed a specific facility which would use the energy of the wind in the best possible way. They listed the advantages of such project and estimated its sustainability in their own country. The last group thought about saving energy at home by using solar panels to heat water due to the fact that one home spends up to 30 % of energy on heating water. Students were hardworking and try their best to present their projects in the right manner and to point out all advantages.

During students’ work, all the posters they made within the project Innovate your dreams 2019 so far were displayed on the walls of the room.

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