Access Niksic 2015

Learning through American culture

Through this lesson students got familiar with American culture through experiences of FLEX scholars Sara Dubljevic, Bora Boljaj and Matija Markovic who spent 10 months in different parts of America. Access Program students also practiced public speaking skills and prepared Halloween gifts and cards for students with disabilities from Day Care Center in Niksic. At the beginning of the session FLEX scholars presented their experiences and discussed about different topics: living with an American family, diversity, tradition, school system (classes, after-school activities, school dances, teachers), sports, friends and American food. Students asked and discussed different questions such as: what was their favorite place in the USA, what were the activities they participated in, etc.

Afterwards students in groups were given different topics to prepare and present: how would they present themselves to an American family, how would they present their country to Americans, how they imagine their first day in American school, why volunteering is important for them and discuss reasons why they would like to go to the USA. Through this workshop students practiced public speaking skills since all of them were asked to present his/her part.

The third part of the session was devoted to creative workshop where students made Halloween masks and cards with special wishes for children with disabilities in Day Care Center in Niksic. Five students will go to Day Care Center with FLEX alumni and teachers to give their cards to the children.

At the end of the session students had pizza party.

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