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Access Cetinje

Modern slavery – child marriage, human traficking

Access students were honored to meet Mr. Kenneth Mora, Office of Building Constructions at the U.S. Embassy Podgorica, and discuss modern slavery. The guest grabbed their attention from the beginning and involved them in deeper conversation, encouraging their awareness of the various forms of modern slavery. Mr. Kenneth Mora brought the topic to their level of understanding focusing on child marriage and human trafficking, pointing out the atmosphere in which they thrive – lawless and poor societal structure and economic freedoms, lack of education…Even though the topic was very serious and demanding, students showed a high level of maturity in thinking about consequences, possible prevention, and morals after being introduced to the victims’ stories. Apart from the fact that students raised their awareness about today’s topic, the discussion they had with Mr. Mora seemed to be a strong foundation for the students to prepare an exhibition. They expressed the way they see modern slavery by creating posters and sending strong anti-slavery messages to the world. The issue was presented through their artwork and exhibition that, apart from its visual appeal, draws great attention to the meaning and purpose as well.

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