Access Podgorica

“SIGEMBR”- Balkan without hate

Access students visited Cineplex cinema where they watched a short documentary SIGEMBR. The main aim of this event was to show  the  students the effects of  constant hatred in a society, the possible situations that people might find themselves in a xenophobic culture and how it is easily spread in that kind of an environment.  Student enjoyed watching the film “SIGEMBR” and being given the presentation about the project “Balkan without hate”. Afterwards, they were given the opportunity to express their feelings and opinions about the topic of the film, and , if possible, suggest a solution to this issues by fulfilling a questionnaire. The students learned that hatred comes in different forms and it can be found in every society.  Furthermore, the opportunity of listening to speakers in English (to whom English is not mother tongue) gave to students a completely new perspective of English as lingua franca. They found it really interesting to see how people coming from different Balkan countries use the same language for communication. After the projection of the film, the students wrote positive messages on balloons and shared them to the audience and guests as a reaction to what they had realized.

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