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Access Teacher Training, Sibiu, Romania

Dragana Radoman and Milka Cerovic participated in the training program that the regional English Language Offices (RELOs) in Budapest and Kyiv conducted for teachers and providers of the English Access Microscholarship Program from 20 to 24 July in Sibiu, Romania. The participants of the program were teachers and providers from the following thirteen countries: Romania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, France, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Spain, and Ukraine. The aim of this training program was to discuss best practices in developing, implementing, and evaluating Access classes.

The program was conducted by George M. Chinnery (RELO Budapest) and Kevin McCaughey (RELO Kyiv), with support from Cultural Affairs Officer in Bucharest Marjorie Stern, Information Resource Officer in Vienna John D’Amicantonio, Regional Programs Officer for Europe John Mark King, Jill Clarke from Access Program administrator, Bucharest-based ELF Anne Dorfman, and E-Teacher Scholarship Program alumni, Access student alumni and seasoned Access teachers from across southeastern Europe.

This year Access Program will start with its implementation in Montenegro for the first time. Participants will be talented, bright students from disadvantaged families from Niksic.

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