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Beat Your Own Prejudice

NGO “Young Roma” and debate club “Agora” with the support from the U.S. Embassy in Podgorica organized and preformed an interactive play in the form of Forum Theater in the congress hall of the High School “Slobodan Skerovic” in Podgorica on March 16th 2017.

The problems shown during the interactive play were: Prejudice that the Roma people encounter while applying for jobs; on the jobs – it was displayed that the member of Roma community was accused for stealing, fired from the job, without any evidence, and only one line by a colleague who told their chief that the all Roma people are capable of stealing. One part of the play discovered the prejudice present in almost every family – parents want to tell their daughter that the boy she chose is not good for her, due to his lack of education and literacy. One of the Access students actively participated in the show and told that these kinds of problems can be only solved with thorough discussion between parents and a child. Also, the interactive play showed the most common problem in our country – begging. The representative of the Young Roma said that in the West, people can buy coupons that are later given to Roma people instead of money. The Roma people can exchange these coupons in the Center for Social Work for food, clothes and hygiene products. The students learned about the fighting all the prejudice, especially against Roma people.

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