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Christmas, Community service activities and Curriculum topics

The purpose of the activity was for students to estimate given community service activities and curriculum topics, recommend new ones and justify their reasons as well as to identify and discuss the similarities and differences between the US and Montenegrin Christmas traditions, including different aspects (economic, food, way of celebrating, media and religious).

Students showed creativity and wit by coming up with numerous ideas for the community service activities as well as for the topics. They discussed their ideas with their guest, Ms Madeleine Lewis, and they were eager to ask her questions about her opinion on the topics.

During the second part of the class students found out some new things from Ms Lewis, about the way Christmas is celebrated in the US, by asking her questions regarding different aspects of this holiday. Sharing their own Christmas traditions they compared them to the American ones, pointing out the similarities and differences.

Students also enjoyed the activity of designing their ID wooden sticks, pointing out their role models, life mottoes and their most important life values. They mostly mentioned family, friendship, health, loyalty, team work, generosity, as life values they appreciated the most.

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