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Innovate your dreams 2019 – Task 5: Potter’s Wheel

Access students Niksic worked on the fifth task of the project Innovate Your Dreams 2019 “Potter’s Wheel” through various activities.

The first part of the lesson was devoted to Wheel as one hundred percent Homo sapiens innovation. Using the Internet as a source of information students found out some meaningful information about wheels. The topics they covered were: Wheels and Industrialization, Movie Wheel, Mechanic Wheel, Fields in which wheels were used in the past, The usage of wheels besides transportation.

This was also one more great opportunity to talk to a native speaker, a Fulbright scholar in Montenegro, Ms Vanessa Mahoney. Our guest first spoke about her background and education and how she got interested in science and technology. Ms Mahoney introduced students to coding. She showed them how to access Codesters website and to use Python coding program. Students were able to use simple coding blocks and create their own cartoons. They enjoyed choosing characters, backgrounds and appropriate text.

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