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Access Niksic

My ideal school

The class held on May 2, 2020 was a great opportunity for Access students to have Mr. Kevin McCaughey, Regional English Language Officer in Belgrade as a guest once again.
The class was held through Zoom meeting.
Students took part in a warm up quiz, comparing some elements of education in the U.S. to the ones they have in Montenegro.
After the quiz, students took part in an interactive activity with their guest.
The next part of the lesson was devoted to students’ presentation of the comics they had previously designed. Five groups showed their fantastic creations. The main ideas of the comics, whose topic was Our ideal school, were having less subjects, less strict schedule, more freedom to talk to their teachers than they do in their regular schools. Students also agreed that their Access program gives them the opportunity to have all these things they stated in their conceptions of an ideal school.
At the end of the lesson one pair of students shared their previously prepared one-minute teaching activity, posting a riddle for their peers to solve.

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