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CPD for ESL teachers in Niksic

On February 4 and 5, 2023, the teacher training program “Introduction to teaching and assessment techniques of speaking and writing skills in the English Language teaching – Module 1 and 2” was held in Inovaciono preduzetnički centar Tehnopolis – Nikšić. It was organized by English Language Teachers’ Association of Montenegro ELTAM and Mr. Hansley Cazeau, the U.S. English Language Fellow, who was the leader of the seminar. This professional training program was approved by the National Council for Education (No 86) and it consists of two modules, 16 hours of professional training altogether.

During the first module, dealing with teaching and assessing speaking in the English Language teaching, 20 registered teachers from the municipalities of Nikšić, Šavnik, Kotor, Tivat, and Pljevlja had a great opportunity to learn how to introduce speaking into the classroom, use holistic grading in speaking activities, and facilitate classroom discussions. In addition, the workshop offered fun speaking activities that can be easily carried out in the schools.

The second module of the seminar was focused on teaching and assessment techniques of writing in the English Language teaching, giving a deeper insight into project-based essay writing as well as creating rubrics for that specific writing task. The aim was to bring effective ways of writing into the class and making this productive skill fun and applicable.

During the whole seminar, there was a positive working atmosphere where all the participants were actively involved in the given assignments, sharing ideas from their both personal and professional context. An experienced, inspiring and motivating lecturer, Mr. Cazeau encouraged all the teachers to enjoy the interactive and dynamic training, to apply the given techniques on the spot, analyzing and commenting on benefits and getting immediate feedback. To sum up, it was a very fruitful training, dealing with very challenging issues, and Mr. Cazeau is definitely an excellent lecturer to learn from.

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