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Culture of Volunteerism

Access students expanded their knowledge about volunteerism and the culture of volunteerism during the workshop with two volunteers Nikoleta Ivanovic and Kristina Markovic, the students of Gymnasium and volunteers at American Corner Cetinje.

The aim of this workshop was to explain the main purpose of volunteerism in society, comparing volunteering in the USA and Montenegro.

The session was split into two parts delivering two parallel workshops, where both separated groups participated in both workshops. One workshop offered discussion on volunteering in Montenegro and the other volunteering in the USA.

Both workshops started with questioning and discussion about volunteering in general as well as with social contexts that influence the origins and development of volunteerism in both countries.

The students gave examples of voluntary actions they would like to participate in. They discussed about feelings and motives that make them start volunteering. They also gave examples of their personal experiences in voluntary actions.

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