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Summer camp 2019 – Community service activities in the National Park Lovcen

The fifth day of Access Summer Camp started in the woods of the National Park Lovcen in Ivanova Korita. Students visited Visitors’ Center and heard a short presentation about the National Park Lovcen through which they found out more information about the place, its beauties, and species which are to be found here. Access students had a chance to take a look at some stuffed animals such as wolf, marten and fox. After the visit, students gave their contribution by painting the benches in the National Park. They showed great enthusiasm and a strong desire to participate in this community service activity. They acted very professionally while using paints, brushes, and buckets and they had so much fun. Students’ work will be visible for a long time as a long-lasting reminder of their commitment and hard work.

Also, students prepared special gifts for National Park Visitors’ Center. They have designed creative kindness rocks and have decided to give those away to the National Park as a sign of gratitude for such a warm welcome and enjoyable staying. Besides the rocks of kindness, students made different structures created entirely of materials found in nature. Access students were given various topics and each structure is a representation of one of those. Topics were: diversity, unity, peace, friendship, the circle of life and happiness.


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