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Native Americans Month

During November, Native Americans month, students discussed about Native Americans in general, but three tribes living in Montana were particularly interesting and special attention was dedicated to them. These tribes are Salish, Kootenai and Pand D’Oreille and they live in Flathead Indian reservation in Montana.

As a part of SUSI program, teacher Nerma Dobricanin had an opportunity to visit the reservation and to meet some prominent members of the tribes, including the chief and the poet working on the University of Montana, Ms Heather Cahoon. This lesson was done in cooperation with Ms Cahoon whose poetry students read and who agreed to send feedback on students’ notes and observations, as well as to answer students’ questions.

Students read Ms Cahoon’s poem Blonde and expressed their personal opinions, impressions, feelings and attitude regarding it. Students had a lot of questions for Ms Cahoon and they wrote them in their letters.

They were very interested in Ms Cahoon’s writing, origin and background. They tried to analyze her poetry and messages sent to her audience through writing.

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