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Access Program Niksic students had an amazing opportunity to learn more about high school and university exchange programs on November 9, 2019. Students were elated to welcome both of the guests, Ms Anica Vujnovic, Adviser EducationUSA Montenegro American Corner Podgorica & EducationUSA Center and Ms Teodora Danilovic, a Flex exchange student currently staying in Apex, North Carolina.

The first guest, Ms Vujnovic gave students a short presentation. She told students more about requirements and support they would have from the staff in the American corner throughout the application process. Ms Vujnovic emphasized the importance of SAT and TOEFL test as the initial step when applying for a college in the U.S. She also encouraged students to start preparing for the whole process as soon as possible if they plan to be exchange students.

She gave students some brochures containing information about different colleges and universities. Ms Vujnovic showed them some useful websites, including Freerice which puts focus on enriching their vocabulary and Khan Academy that contains different tests. The guest also kindly answered students’ questions about education in the U.S., such as:

  • Is elementary school education free?
  • Are private schools better than public?
  • Can we change our host family?
  • What do we need to do as a member of the U.S. community?
  • What are the opportunities for volunteering in the U.S.?

Students concluded that they learned a lot from the guest including the difference between a college and university; the number of colleges and universities existing in the US; and what an SAT is.

The second guest, a Flex exchange student, Ms Teodora Danilovic, was a great asset to our lesson. Due to the fact that she is currently in the U.S. she joined the lesson through a video call. She talked about her host family, her workload at school and her free time. Ms Danilovic shared some photographs of her favorite activities so far and the places she has visited. She showed students the room she is staying in. The guest answered a lot of questions Access students had, including:

  • Is the U.S. high school different from what we see in the movies?
  • Do you get any pocket money from your host family?
  • Do you have any host brothers/sisters?
  • How many subjects do you have?
  • Did you experience any awkward moments with your host family when you first got there?

Access students learned that sports are very important in the U.S. schools; that classes are mostly based on creativity and practical knowledge. In addition, Ms Danilovic emphasized the importance of homework in the U.S. education. She shared Halloween impressions after experiencing the holiday firsthand this year. The guest highlighted meeting people with different cultural and ethnic background as the best part of her abroad experience so far.

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