Access Niksic 2015

Visit to members of Day Care Center for Elderly People in Niksic and visit to American Corner in Podgorica

In cooperation with the Center for Social Welfare and Day Care Center for Elderly People in Niksic, Access Program students had a chance to visit and meet members for whom they had already decorated the premises for New Year and Christmas holidays. Students had a chance to talk with them about Niksic in past, how it looked like, what buildings and institutions were there, what were their favorite places, all with the aim to choose the most representative places of our town to make recordings for Access Program groups in the region.

In cooperation with American Corner from Podgorica, students participated in team building activities with FLEX alumni coordinator Nemanja Ostojic, who also spoke about FLEX program and his experience, encouraging students to take part. Fulbright teaching assistants prepared workshop on the topic of leadership from different angles. During the workshop students talked about different kinds of personalities, did the quiz about their leadership style and discussed what personality types were famous leaders in America.


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