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Summer Camp Pljevlja 2023 – Workshop with Mr. Hansley Cazeau, English Language Fellow in Montenegro

It was students’ and teachers’ great pleasure to welcome Mr. Hansley Cazeau, U.S. English Language Fellow in Montenegro who held a compelling workshop called Where am I from?.

Through the first part of the workshop, Mr. Cazeau brought up the concept of a poem called I am from. The guest read a couple of poems and students had a task to guess where does a writer of a poem come from. Access students were encouraged to think critically and listen actively and carefully while brainstorming characteristics in order to find some specific clues which would further help them come up with conclusions.

Mr. Cazeau shared a template for writing this type of a poem. Students had an hour to follow a given template and write their own poems. Students gave meaningful lines while mentioning important items from their homes, specific smells, tastes and feelings, family traditions and habits, family members and descriptions of family mementos.

During the last part of this session, students read their poems and listened to the poems of their peers. The overall atmosphere was more than enjoyable, and students showed great interest and curiosity in the writing process and a follow-up discussion.

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