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American business and financial literacy

In this session, students were privileged to have Mr. Lewis Gitter, Political and Economic Section Chief at the U.S. Embassy in Podgorica. The topic was inspiring due to the enthusiastic atmosphere that dominated throughout the session. Mr. Gitter introduced the topic smoothly adapting the complex vocabulary of business and financial literacy to a language level easy to follow. The guest explained the term ”financial literacy” and how it changed over the years, as well as provided examples of what it means to be “financially literate” as it is rather individual.

There were four topics for breakout room research and discussion: Stock market, Tax system, College funds, Student loans. Mr.Gitter spent some time in each room, answering to students’ questions, providing real-life and personal examples connected to the topics. This prepared the students for giving presentations on their topics in the main session, where they were able to clearly communicate their ideas and to show what they learned in todays’ session in a confident and interesting way.

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