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On December 8, 2020 students had a lively discussion with Ms. Sadaf Khan, Consul at the U.S. Embassy Podgorica, about communication and what it means to all people. Students had a great opportunity to get firsthand information about how culture, situations and behavior influence the way people communicate with one another. They discussed what the term communicating means to them and shared many interesting and valuable comments.

After giving an opening word about why it is important to have good communication, how cultural differences interfere with it and how important communication is in her line of work, Ms. Khan answered numerous questions posed by students.

The discussion was further developed in four breakout rooms where the guest spent time with students, focused on giving a closer approach to different aspects of American culture, such as general characteristics, guidelines for practical situations, relationships, the way of communicating, and comparing and contrasting it to Montenegrin culture and the ways we communicate.

Finally, by using the interactive Linoit board, they shared their thoughts and opinion on what they have found out about American ways of communicating and interacting and concluded that there is a lot of similarities between these two cultures.

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