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Culture and American sport

The topic ‘Culture and Sport’ was discussed with the special guest Mr. Matthew Hamm, U.S. Navy. He gave a short presentation on how sport is related to culture, the things that affect American culture and the role of sport in the life of an American.

The topic was further developed in breakout rooms where students had a chance to ask questions about health insurance system in the USA, the influence athletes have on society, the ways sports help students and the skills one can learn from sports. They were also engaged in comparing culture and sport in the USA and Montenegro.

Throughout all the discussion, all aspects of culture and sport were intertwined leading to the conclusion that stereotyping is not good anywhere, that sport is for everybody and each person to enjoy. One of Access students brought up the question of disabled people in sports too and the question was tackled as well, with mentioning wounded warriors program whose aim is to get these people into sport as it is beneficial not only for physical condition but for the mental state as well.

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