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Students had a great pleasure to meet special guests and enjoy the company of – FLEX alumni in the U.S.: Teodora Danilović, Nua Ljuljđuraj, Lejla Šabotić and Amir Čuturić. The topic covered today was ‘Education’ and the guests were more than welcomed to share experience with their peers. After discussing a set of topic related questions, students were introduced with FLEX program and opportunities it provides, the way they should prepare themselves for the program paying due attention to key factors that lead to a successful American college applicant. They also found out about the importance of a “motivation letter” in the college application process and got some useful tips on how to write a proper and successful letter that would stand out among the others, stating its purpose – to reveal who you are as a person. With support from guests, Access students had a lively debate over the topic: ’Studying abroad at young age is a good and prosperous opportunity’. Moreover, it was a really constructive one in which participants confronted their arguments covering a wide variety of aspects that could affect somebody’s decision whether to take a chance and study abroad or miss it. The debate lead to only one conclusion – going abroad for an exchange program is a unique opportunity to become a better person. That’s what students stood for in the poll as well. As for the guests….. they wouldn’t change it for the world!

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