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Global warming

Mr. Matthew Hamm, Commander from U.S. Navy at the U.S. Embassy Podgorica took part in discussion on one of the major problems of our home planet – Global Warming. He devoted his time and shared expertise with Access students discussing various aspects of this global problem. They researched the causes and effects of global warming, the greenhouse effect, they discussed the impacts of climate change on human health, carbon footprint, researched renewable energy sources…They were really engaged comparing energy sustainability in Montenegro and the U.S. and pointed out the effects it might have on future generations.
Thanks to Mr. Hamm, students had a chance for an in-depth look at this issue which they presented on a poster sharing thoughts how we can slow down this process. They also created a flow chart presenting how it causes additional global warming, made a drawing on the importance of renewable resources and prepared a TV report. The result? The students referred to it not just as a global warming but global warning as well, emphasizing our own role and possibilities that we as individuals have, to reduce our own impact. Last but not least, the world won’t change unless we do something to change ourselves. 

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