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This was a session with Ms. Marija Perović, coordinator and Mr. Jovan Martinović, psychologist from Daily Center Cetinje which provides help to children with special needs and disabled young people. The guests did their best to introduce students with issues that children with SEN face on daily basis, their struggles, needs and all other difficulties they need to overcome. Having discussed autism and its consequences, special emphasis was put on children with Down’s syndrome as 21 March is declared World Down Syndrome Day. Thanks to guests, Access students were introduced with physical features and medical problems linked to Down’s syndrome, the way we should take care of them, as well as the symbolism of wearing mismatched socks on this day. In order to give support to these children, students sent a strong message on colorful mismatched socks they created on their own. By writing their ideas on socks, they shared important things people should know about this condition and at the same time raised awareness of its importance. This was a great opportunity for all of them to think about those in need, raise awareness about the ways of including and accepting children with SEN in everyday activities and support them in their attempts to be productive part of society.

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