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Memorial Day

After the first lesson on the 27th of May, where Access students learned about the history of Memorial Day, from the holiday’s beginnings to nowadays, they had an opportunity to hear about it from the U.S. citizen. Mr. Mark Weinberg, Public Affairs Officer from the Embassy of the USA in Montenegro, spoke with our students about significance and contemporary celebration of Memorial Day in the States. In a highly interactive class which included a lot of different activities, from adopting the new vocabulary, discussing with Mr. Weinberg about the importance of celebrating Memorial Day nowadays in the USA, and throughout the various periods in the history and creating different types of written expressing with the words discovered within activities. Mr. Weinberg spoke about the glory of the holiday, how it is usually celebrated, its solemnity and significance. The students were very interested in the topic and actively participate in all activities, showing maturity and thoroughness during the entire class.

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