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Memorial Day

Following the time of paying tribute to fallen heroes and reflecting one of the most serious events in
American history, Access students were privileged to discuss with Her Excellency Ms. Judy Rising
Reinke, U.S. ambassador to Montenegro, one of the most solemn commemorative holidays of the U.S. Memorial Day on May 28, 2020. Using polling in the beginning, the discussion was prompted and developed into three breakout rooms where students learned from the best about all peculiarities that make this holiday so special. Each group of students had a chance to talk to Ambassador Reinke about history, importance, observance and significance of this holiday and therefore acknowledge values that American people cherish regarding those who sacrificed lives for their country. In the last part of the session, students wrote memory cards in Mentimeter, getting across their messages concerning symbolic meaning of Memorial Day and values the holiday reinforces, above all being free citizens in a free country.

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