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Pop-up restaurants

On June 4, 2020 Access students had a great honor and pleasure to welcome and host the Deputy Chief of Mission Ms. Judy Kuo from the U.S .Embassy Podgorica who brought the savour of American cuisine to the students. Ms. Kuo impressed students with greeting them in their mother tongue, giving a great example of the significance of learning languages and thus broadening their culture.

Ms. Judy Kuo, approached the topic of food in many different ways. Cultural, religious and historical context of American food was tackled and social milieu of American food habits gave an excellent example of merging different cultures and backgrounds.
Students’ presentations on pop-up restaurants with Montenegrin food were extraordinary. Each group came up with interesting ideas and each member had a part in final presentation of the restaurant.
Ms. Judy Kuo kindly prepared gifts for two first ranked teams.
The session ended with Ms. Judy Kuo’s final note to the students and the teachers congratulating students on their knowledge of English, they presented.

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