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Studying abroad – FLEX alumni visit

Access students and teachers were privileged to welcome and host former FLEX alumni in the US, Ms. Teodora Danilović and Ms. Anastasija Dukić. It was a great opportunity for Access students to discuss Education and find out more about what it takes for a successful American college application. Former FLEX alumni were eager to share their experience regarding education in the US highlighting the importance of a “motivation letter”, teachers’ recommendation, and volunteering for the application process. They gave students some useful tips on how to write a proper and successful motivation letter which will stand out among the others. Students, teachers, and guests talked about the structure of the letter, its length, and all the things which should be included and taken into consideration while writing a quality letter. The guests were kind to read some parts of their motivation letters so to give students insight into how a letter should look like and what is expected to be in it.

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