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Thanksgiving feast and volunteering in the Soup kitchen Pljevlja

This specially organized event was a great way to celebrate and honor a national holiday celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving Day. On this date, Americans celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year, and its legacy is hundreds of years old.

Having in mind it is an annual and very important U.S. holiday, Access students, along with Access teachers, organized a feast and a community service activity in order to celebrate this special date. Students and teachers brought food and some of it was served for Thanksgiving lunch, while some was packed to be shared with beneficiaries of the Soup kitchen in Pljevlja.

Today’s lunch was a perfect mixture of Montenegrin and American customs, traditions and food. The meals included minced meat pie, cheese pie, potato pie, chicken nuggets, scones, rolls, pizza snails, bear paws, brownies, pancakes, cookies and chocolate glazed baked mini donuts.

While enjoying the feast, Access students were excited to share food with each other and explain the way it is prepared. After the feast Access students and teachers took the packed food to the Soup kitchen Pljevlja where they helped serving beneficiaries in a spirit of good will, sharing and thankfulness.

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