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Access Pljevlja

Helping in the Home for the elderly “Pljevlja”

During the second day of intensive sessions Access students visited the community organization Home for the elderly “Pljevlja”. The purpose of the activity was to gain an understanding of the ways they can positively contribute to the civil society through volunteering in the Home for elderly.

Access students were eager to contribute to their community and showed great enthusiasm while decorating their garden making a cleaner, more pleasant and enjoyable place for the elderly people.

None of the students have previously taken part in similar activities, but the overall impression was extremely positive. Access students were proud to be productive members of our community while working together to move the lawn, weed the flower beds and the parking lot, sand the benches, vacuum the heating furnace in the boiler room, paint the façade and clean up everything after them. This service-learning activity brought them together, stimulated sense of community and responsibility and raised awareness regarding the importance of volunteering and helping others. Our hosts welcomed us warmheartedly and made us feel at home. They even served us refreshing drinks and sweets and they were constantly there for us to provide all necessary materials and supplies or just have a friendly chat.

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