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Access Niksic

Volunteering in the Public Kitchen in Niksic

Among a number of community service activities they had in mind, Access students decided to volunteer in the Public Kitchen in their town.

Since the lesson on November 23, 2019 was actually a celebration of Thanksgiving Day, and students and teachers, as well as their guests from the USA, brought a lot of different traditional dishes, students came to the idea to share some of the food with the Public Kitchen.

Moreover, they also wanted to do something more for this organization and its users, and they took part in cleaning of their premises.

The main purpose of this activity was to develop students’ life skills such as volunteering, collaboration, organization and planning, but also to promote life values such as empathy, generosity and appreciation.

Students showed eagerness to participate in the activity and did a marvelous job in the premises of the Public Kitchen. They not only helped in cleaning the space but also, and what is more important, developed a different perception of life which emphasizes the necessity of looking beyond the surface and helping people in need.

Students felt satisfied and fulfilled at the end of activity, knowing that their small contribution made a difference.

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