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Christmas – the most important time of the year for many people all around the world. For Access students it was a great opportunity and privilege to host Mr. Hansley Cazeau, the U.S. English Language Fellow who did his best to make this holiday a lot more significant than they could have ever imagined. Christmas values, practices, gifts, charities…a lot of topics were discussed as well as similarities and differences between celebrating Christmas in the U.S. and Montenegro. The guest indicated that Christmas in the U.S. is celebrated regionally, pointing out the way it is celebrated in New Jersey, where he comes from. Thus, students created Christmas trees, ‘decorated’ with their perception of Christmas but seen from another angle – the one they recognized through discussion with the guest. They also had great fun creating quiz questions concerning different aspects of celebrating Christmas, and they were really enthusiastic about taking part in such an activity. Thanks to Mr. Cazeau they got the essentials of this holiday: the true meaning of Christmas, with hilarious spirit in the atmosphere and a smile of happiness on everybody’s face.

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