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Access Niksic

Healthy lifestyles

This lesson was a great opportunity to discover more about healthy food and a healthy lifestyle on one hand, and GMO and fast food on the other. While taking part in various activities, Access students got familiar with the value and impact of different types of food. They were also helped by our guest Ms Madeleine Lewis, Fulbright scholar in Montenegro, giving students one more opportunity to practice English speaking skills with native speaker.

Access students worked on the questionnaire through which they found out more about each other and their lifestyles. While reading about healthy, organic, fast and GMO food they raised some good points and questions. The general conclusion was that we should not use any kind of restrictive diets but try to eat as many vegetables and fruit as possible while being physically active. Other valuable conclusions were that one should have regular sleep and find a way to successfully reduce stress.

Reading skills were promoted through the lesson and students participated in activities which sought using critical thinking skills.

Students were very creative while designing eating habits plates and showed some excellent drawing and acting skills.

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