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Innovate Your Dreams 2019 – Task 2: “Everything you can imagine is real”

Access students worked on the second task of the project Innovate Your Dreams 2019 “Everything you can imagine is real” through various activities. They started the task by visualizing their future imagining themselves in different situations (getting out of their house, going to their faculties, spending free time, flying in the air).

While discussing both different problems in our communities and global problems, students used Tree Problem Development technique to highlight the main problem and point out its causes and consequences. The emphasis was on discussion about possible new future jobs that could solve the already mentioned problems. By doing this activity, Access students not only showed collaboration, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills, but also an immense eagerness towards solving global problems.

Afterwards, students designed vision boards depicting the jobs they invented in the previous activity. Besides vision boards, groups came up with some important qualities that a person should have in order to apply for a job they imagined, and tools/products related to the job. They used these vision boards and products through Scavenger Hunt activity to express their thoughts upon the future jobs to the citizens of their hometown.

This activity was recorded by the local TV station that came to interview our students about the overall impressions regarding the Access program and the Innovate Your Dreams 2019 project, that Access became the member of.

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