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Access Cetinje

Earth Day

Access Cetinje students celebrated the Earth Day with Ms. Ivana Banković, RELO Assisstant at the U.S. Embassy Belgrade, as observer. The topic was opened with a quiz about environmental literacy and developed further in discussion followed by a video about Earth Day 2021 (Theme: Restore Our Earth).

Access students enjoyed finding out things about endangered species in breakout rooms and reporting their findings to their peers. Apart from learning new things about Asian Elephant, Leather Sea Turtle and Karner Blue Butterfly, students were surprised to find out that among endangered species there’s a barking bird Kagu as well, which provoked their curiosity to search for the video and hear its barking.

After all the impressions, they were given toy characters to create stories relating to the environment and act like a real story writers. And their imagination carried us to the worlds we had never been before, leaving all of us with a sense of accomplishment and a notion that they will make the world a better place for living.

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