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Access Cetinje

Summer Camp 2022 – Community service Activity – Graffiti

During the second day of the Summer Camp 2022 and afternoon activities Access students were involved in a project of drawing graffiti. Although it took a lot of time and effort to work on an idea and prepare necessary things for drawing one, Access students chose this work of art as the closest way of expressing values Access Program has cherished through two previous years. As they have already discussed the importance, artistic value and messages a graffiti sends to the public, students were introduced to methods and production of graffiti and they had the opportunity for self-expression in a creative and urban way. The graffiti they made was inspired by Access Program values and beliefs and it gets across the ideas of strong connection between the U.S. and Montenegro. Despite the hot weather conditions, they were helped by our guest, their teachers and students volunteers from Nikšić, so that they didn’t lack energy to work in teams, cooperate all the time and be optimistic that their idea will come true. The work of art was painted in the underpass area near the American corner in Cetinje which made the graffiti visible and available to the public.

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