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Access Cetinje

Summer Camp 2022 – Visit to the City Hall and Mayor

Access students had a pleasure to visit the City Hall in Cetinje and meet Mr. Nikola Đurašković, the Mayor. Students had a fruitful discussion on some of the most relevant issues the youth are concerned about in this town and the Mayor gave his best to address them. Among the problems they put on the table, they focused their attention most on possibilities of how to make this town a lucrative place with better opportunities for the youth to stay and improve their current status. Access students discussed possibilities of building a Cultural Center, improving educational policy, getting involved in youth projects, providing sports equipment in the local park ,,Njegoš’’ and ,,13.Jul’’, planning a library in public space with books available for reading, opportunities for the youth to get a seasonal job….The representatives of Secretary for culture, sports and youth were also present and they exchanged creative ideas of genuine engagement of themselves in activities that can support their community to move forward. With an incentive coming from the part of youth and frequent, effective and open communication, the Mayor and the representatives of the Secretary for culture, sports and youth expressed their willingness to be at their disposal and give their share in creating clear directions for getting urban development of the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje so that it can respond to demands of the youth policy in appropriate way.

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